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The Space Between: Styling an Entry with a Console Table.

Styling an Entry should be incredibly fun – this is a chance to create a mood and set the tone for the rest of your home.  An entry is a room that is a gateway to other rooms.  Gateway rooms, similar to “Gateway” towns, are notorious for giving you cheap thrills, some drama and some tchotchkes to aid you in a smooth transition to the main attraction with the “Gateway” just a pleasant memory.  The only drawback to this room is that it also tends to be used heavily by you and the other members of your home.

This is where the console table comes in to play.  I’ve selected images where the console is a key player.  The styles of the entries are different, yet they all have a console table in common. What I like about this particular style of table is its simplicity.  At its essence, it’s just a plain flat top to set things on – some have 4 legs, some have 2 legs and are bolted to the wall and some “float.”  The legs are not particularly important – it’s the space under and around the console table that is important.  

traditional entry
A traditional entry with flair – this table shows off a beautiful collection of Ginger jars and coral.
midcentury entry
A simple mid-century modern style table – love the bench and chest underneath it (of course the painting and wall covering is awesome too.)
small console
A very small entry table with another collection of Ginger jars – I love a lamp on an entry console!
orange and blue entry
This is another small, yet stylish entry. That’s a fantastic pouf rolled under this table!
Mirrored console
Mirrored console tables like this work in almost any style of home. I love the unusual double seat bench.
floating console
For a small entry – try floating your console table. I love how they still managed to get the bench and basket underneath it.
Beachy entry
A playful entry to a beach house – it’s very decorative but manages to work in functionality with room for the beach towels.
dissappearing console
If anything, this almost invisible console helps soften up an entry that could be too severe.
Boots entry
A formal console table made less stuffy with boots, color and photography. Great use of a small space.
casual console
An artsy, playful entry with a very simple, vintage console.


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