That Space Under the Stairs

Here are 8 great ideas to start you thinking about how to use that wedge-shaped space that is either currently crammed with outdoor gear or is enclosed by drywall.  If you’re lucky enough to either not need the extra space, or you have beautiful open stairs, then go ahead and congratulate yourself for being a winner today.

built-in drawers
1. Usable, organizable storage in the form of built-in drawers
More Storage in the form of slide-outs
2. Kitchen Storage — handy and attractive
books under staircase
3. Bookshelves – These are beautifully finished
4. Wine Cellar
office nook
5. Office – Fantastic idea – complete with sliding barn door to shut off the mess
nook with shelves
6. Nook – So many fun possibilities!
7. Bedroom – creative idea for a small basement
built-in for children
8. Children’s Space – I love this.
Stairs and tv
I sketched this today for a client – we are combining the TV and stairs with storage in an artful, functional and economical way.

“I keep my own personality in a cupboard under the stairs at home so that no one else can see it or nick it.” — Dawn French.


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