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Make It Up As You Go Along – (but make it up, don’t just go along)

In this state, there is no food. We eat books and season them with wine and cotton candy. When you want the news, you read a comic book.” – Janelle Monae – The Wondaland Arts Society

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I’m a big fan of the musician Janelle Monae.  I just read a brief article about her new album, The Electric Lady, on (here’s a link) and it spoke of her surrounding herself and her contributors with a constructed world within a world in house in suburban Atlanta for her Wondaland Arts Society.  Georgia O’Keefe, Donald Judd, Claude Monet are just a few artists who immediately come to my mind that have famously constructed worlds, sometimes communities, for themselves, their supporters and sometimes other artists.

This idea of creating an environment to support a person’s creativity is a very basic tenet of interior design.  Aestethics, trends, functionality and budget typically interfere with this fantasy.  It is fun to think about though, isn’t it?  If you could create a room that was just for yourself – no one else ever needed to see it – just yours – what would it look like?

Take a little truth from that fantasy room of yours and make it happen in your own home on a small scale.  For me personally, I love art and I especially love art in progress.  I’ve given space over for multiple works in progress in my tiny home.  It gives me energy and gives me something else to think about when I’m tired.  I know most people wouldn’t find this enjoyable, but that’s not the point.

Lagerfeld's library
Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld’s home
Donald Judd
Artist Donald Judd’s home
Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler’s home
hidden room
What a great visual metaphor — I think most of us would love a secret room of our own.


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