How to Use Dark Paint in an Interior like a Professional (or at least like a still life artist)

buatta interior
Inspiration from the past: Mario Buatta

I love dark paint but I have a lot of trouble persuading most clients to go darker even after they’ve called me in to help with paint because their walls resemble an operating room.  If you’re scared to go dark, but want to try it, learn from a master like Mario Buatta (above), and pair super dark walls with light colored furnishings, art, reflective surfaces, flowers and plants.  It’s a very chic way to ease into living with dark walls.

dark walls1
Dark gray walls and ceiling are paired with light and bright objects, art and furnishings for some lovely trendy glamour. (47 Park Avenue – click the photo for the link).
dark walls chartreuse drapes
An elegant dining room brought to life with very dark walls paired with light and bright colored furniture and objects.
atlanta homes
Another dark room with trendy, light colored and reflective furniture and objects. (Atlanta Homes Magazine)
abagail ahern bedroom
The designer Abigail Ahern’s bedroom. She’s a huge proponent of going to the dark side – click the image for a link to her fantastic blog.
dark with pink2
Here’s a more humble aestethic illustrating the exact same principle. Dark background + light objects + reflective surfaces + flowers or plants = beauty no matter what your budget or taste.

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