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One Easy Way to Cozy up Your Living Room

Living Room Before
Living room after
Living Room After (and yes, I should have turned off the floor lamp when I snapped this shot!)

The above photo’s are two quick before and afters from a client’s living room that’s nearing completion.  One quick tip when dealing with a room that’s larger than you’re used to: don’t be afraid to float your sofa out from the wall.  Get your sofa off the wall and start enjoying life (well – I wish it was that simple).  In most cases, pulling the couch off the wall works wonders even with a large sofa.  In this case we moved it out into the room to get it closer to the fireplace and the television.  I also put a console table behind the sofa and against the back wall.   This serves as a table for those seated in the middle of the sofa and it helps break up the long expanse of wall.  Even if your room is on the small side – try bringing your sofa out from the wall; it makes a room look more dynamic and is much more conducive to conversation.  It might seem strange to you at first, but it works!  Remember, the common distance between the sofa and the coffee table is about 18″ – usually less than that will work just fine.  More than that and it’s a bit too far for comfort.   Get cozy!

You may be a wallflower, but your sofa doesn’t have to be one.  “We are who we are for a lot of reasons.” The Perks of Being a Wallflower.


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