Brass Revival (no, not trombones, although that would be awesome)

ladder brass bin pulls
Antique brass bin pulls mixed with oil rubbed bronze door pulls and stainless hinges – along with a fantastic library ladder.  Click on the photo for more images from this really cute home.

Do you remember when everyone was switching anything brass in their home out to a silver metal?  I remember doing walk-throughs of homes and having to list out every metal that needed to be changed.  Until you get that list in your hand, you don’t really realize how much metal is in a home.  Since we are human beings, and we do get bored easily, the trend has naturally changed back to brass fixtures and metal in homes.  My clients are buying the softer, more antique looking brass and steering away from the polished brass, yet they’re still buying brass and slowing switching back out of the all stainless look.  What I like about this new trend is that it’s helping homeowners be less rigid about mixing metals.  I love seeing the warmer metal in homes.

brass and stainless
Beautiful kitchen with a brass hood and brass fixtures mixed with stainless steel fixtures and appliances.
brass pot filler
Beautiful brass pot filler with a brass detailed range and antique brass light fixture.
All polished brass kitchen from Martha will tell you not to mix metals, but there are quite a few high end interior designers that will say it does not matter. I will say that if you decide it does matter, it will drive you crazy. I’m in the I’m crazy enough group – just mix them already.
berkus kitchen mix of brass and stainless
Here’s a beautiful mix of antique brass and stainless steel by Nate Berkus. Click on the photo for the Architectural Digest article.
gold apple iphone
As if you needed any more proof that brass is back. iPhone 5s.


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