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Spring 2016: Four Interior Trends to Embrace!

Everyone has a hot trends list for Spring 2016 out right now – Elle Decor says that it’s all about black and white minimalism while other sites herald the return of pastels for Spring (shocker).  I thought I would share with you what’s floating my boat in the world of interiors this Spring.

 1.  Large branches in glass containers and all green bouquets.

branches in large vases
I love these branches and the large glass vases. I tried to get some forced branches in Denver for a photo shoot last month but it was too early for the florist shops in town – I used all green bouquets instead (see below), but the branches really would have been killer. If your houseplants are looking sickly or are non-existent, a large branch is a beautiful and easy dramatic piece to add.  (Source)
rustic chic denver
My client had a beautiful cream pitcher to put the greens in – I love them sitting here on the fireplace mantel in front of her hidden tv.  They give out the same calm vibe that plants do but you don’t need a green thumb and they’re changeable.

One of the florists in town (thank you Bonnie Brae Flowers) gave me the good advice of picking branches from the yard that have fat buds on them and forcing them inside.  I did try this but I live with a cat that turns into an absolute maniac when he encounters live tree branches and the experiment ended rather abruptly and unfortunately.

2. Color!

I have been looking at all white interiors for so very long (although Denver never went completely crazy with it, I blame all our sunshine) so that whenever I see anything with some color I stare a little longer.  Try painting a bedroom, a powder room or a dining room an unusual color – it will intrigue you and may even make decorating easier!  Decorating against all white is tough!

Colorful library
Ah – not white! What an unusual peachy, blush color and look how great it looks with the yellow, pink, red and lime green. (Source)
dark blue bedroom
Bedrooms are a great place to use a dramatic color. Have you read Abigail Ahern’s book Color yet? It’s such a great enticement to go the dark side! (Source)

3. Pattern!

A bold pattern combined with more simple furnishings makes the pattern look chic and unfussy.  It feels fresh, yet homey.

modern farmhouse breakfast nook
I love the simplicity of this nook combined with the unexpected wallpaper – it would have been easy to have added some planks to the wall and called it a day (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). This feels farmhouse fresh. (Source)
denver interior
Patterned tile is also brightening my day right now. Here’s a recent  budget friendly bathroom renovation I did in Denver’s Crestmoor neighborhood. The patterned tile is from Home Depot and the subway tile is Arizona Tile. (Photo by Sara Yoder)

4. Mixed metals!

Brass has been back for a while (see my Brass Revival post from 2 years ago) and I think it’s interesting to watch my clients very slowly adapt to the change.  I think it must be a slow change for the rest of the country as well which has led to mixed metals becoming perfectly acceptable and encouraged!  I have  been talking people into doing this my whole career and it can be a tough sell – I’m glad to see it becoming a full blown trend.

Mixed metals
Soft brass with stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze live together in harmony in this beautiful kitchen. (Source)
Copper pendants kitchen
I love that copper is back in style – that means there are so many great lighting fixtures and other choices in copper out there now besides the ubiquitous hammered copper sink (which has always been in style in Colorado). (Source)

What’s brightening your interior this Spring besides yourself and your naturally sunny disposition?



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