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My Converted Garage to a Design Studio: Take a tour!

garage conversion
There was no need to “ugly up” this Before photo of our detached garage.  Here it is in all it’s natural beauty.

We converted our detached, circa 1939 garage over the Spring this year into a design studio (you can read more about the start of it here) and I have been working in it ever since.  It’s awesome to walk outside in the morning with my mug of coffee, say hello to the koi and goldfish  in the pond, go through the ugly, Park Ranger brown gazebo (another project for another time), and settle in to work.

Nelson is trying really hard to sit and stay here – the Garage door was on the back wall and the windows and sliding door were added.   (Photo by Sara Yoder.  Project for Laura Medicus Interiors.)

We lined the walls with cedar planks (that still smell woodsy) and kept the concrete floor.  I thought about a rug for this room, but when you have 95+ degree days in June, spending a few hundred dollars on a rug just isn’t appealing.  I also paint here in here and have the dogs roaming in and out so carpet seems impractical.  I bought a hanging chair for my daughter to hang out in and got the dining table that I use as a desk and the antique chair at Littleton’s Antique Gallery (a store that draws me in like a magnet).

Here I am looking very LL Bean catalog. I went with a not so stylish, cream Ikea desk chair because it was really comfortable and really cheap.

The reclaimed shelves were donated to me from a thoughtful client who was renovating.  I kept the natural wood color on the two upper shelves and went with the natural wood Ikea brackets ($5 each) after a long internal debate where I decided I didn’t need $80 a piece iron brackets.   I painted the back counter white and installed 3 natural wood, Shaker furniture legs for support.

The hammock chair, which has become a huge favorite, is surprisingly comfortable. (Photo by Sara Yoder)

I couldn’t make up my mind on ceiling fixtures and was trying to do this renovation very low budget, so I went with yellow, industrial light bulb covers, which is something that everyone notices and comments on (hopefully a good thing).  My favorite custom cabinet shop in Colorado (OakTree Classic Woodworks) gave me the long roll of cork that we framed with inexpensive trim.

This corner of the office has been taken over by Shopkins and Charlie.
converted carriage house denver
I have really awesome office mates.
converted garage studio denver
Here’s a cute gif to show the transformation!










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