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Working From Home: 7 Spaces to Inspire You to Get the Work Done

My studio space (Photo by Sara Yoder project with Laura Medicus Interiors)

I recently overheard some women at the Design Center talking disparagingly about designers who work at the dining table with kids and dogs running around (their words) and I felt simultaneously embarrassed about their view of designers who work from home, proud that I no longer was at that dining table, and then annoyed that somehow working from home meant that the woman wasn’t a professional.  For some reason, their overheard conversation and the condescending tone stayed with me.

If you work from home, get creative.  Carve out some space for yourself – if you’ve got a room that you could take over – do it!  If it has to be a guest room a few times a year, do what a client of mine did and buy a convertible sofa.  If all you can manage for now is the dining table – hold your head high and sit there.  All that really matters is getting good work done.

I didn’t mean for this to come off so strident.  I intended to show you a few creative home offices but my feathers were ruffled.

Let’s get back to it! I love a room where the personality of the person who inhabits it come through.  A home office is a great excuse to let your own personal style run free.

Rustic cabin meets therapist office with some mid-century style. A little confusing, but it’s kept monochromatic and it works! (Source)
This might have been an unused dining room.   The large barrister desk plopped into it, wallpaper, art and a contemporary light fixture make it an incredibly unique and personal space. (Source)
Do you remember my rant against desk spaces in the kitchen? Well, I take it all back if they could look and function like this one. (Source)
This garage conversion has a quiet, easy style that I like. (Source)
green chalkboard
I love the gutsy and old fashioned chalkboard green walls in this home office. (Source)
John Derian’s nest of a home office.   (Source)
Simple with beautiful craftsmanship. No other decoration needed! (Source)

“Grow Organically. Don’t get ahead of yourself.” ~Eileen Fisher from Grace Bonney’s fantastic book “In the Company of Women.”









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