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Before and After: A Bold Bathroom Remodel in Golden, Colorado

I take a lot of photos for my job.  I take photographs of all kinds of things to remind myself of the space when I sit at my desk and do the work.  I have awkward captures of clients trying to backpedal out of the way of my camera, pets lounging, kids running through the scene and even my own grim reflection in a window or mirror.

And then there are the moments when I go back through my photos to post an amazing Before and After and I don’t find any before photos.  NONE.  I have plenty of photographs of this clients cat, plenty!  But none of the pre-renovated bathrooms.

After what felt like an hour of searching through my personal photographs, sandwiched in between summer vacations, I did find a not so great “before” photo and because I like a “Before” photos, I’m using it here – so bear with me.

I told you this wasn’t a good photo!  This is a weird glimpse of the very vanilla hall bathroom before the remodel.
AFTER:  We went with the “go bold or go home” approach and I love it!  (Photo by Sara Yoder.  Project with Laura Medicus Interiors)  This bathroom is also featured in Shutterfly’s article “80 Ways to Decorate a Small Bathroom.”
We chose an unusual patterned ceramic tile for the floor and knew we wanted to paint the new cabinet a fun color – this orange spoke to us!  (Photo by Sara Yoder)

This bathroom is in the main hall of the home and used by the client’s two children and any guests.  My client is an artist (that’s her watercolor on the wall) with a love of color.  She has an eye for style and for the unexpected.  The client had a custom vanity built from Home Clearance Center and then had it painted Benjamin Moore’s Orange Blossom.  We added new hardware, a new counter, new lighting, new mirror, new sink and a new faucet.  I remember when we picked out the boldly patterned ceramic tile holding up the orange paint deck and both of us smiling.  The 4×16 wall tile is from Arizona tile’s H-Line Ceramic series in the color Alabaster.

The tile is from Original Style and is called “Inca”  We selected all of the tiles and countertops locally at The Floor Club.

This small bathroom was refreshing to work on.  The client didn’t flinch at the bold color choices and I felt inspired by her colorful home to select them in the first place.  Next week I will have 2 more bathrooms from this home to share with you – one is colorful and the other is monochromatic.  Also, as a look ahead, I only have one before photo for you for next week and I might share a photo of the client’s cat since I evidently have so many…



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