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Kitchen Flooring Trend: Follow the Red Brick Floor

We have about one more month of summer left and because school is starting, my mind is starting to think sweaters, leaves, fireplaces but it's still 90 degrees everyday and the dogs are shedding like they're in a competition (Nelson, the lab mix, would win).  I am so tired of the fur in the house.… Continue reading Kitchen Flooring Trend: Follow the Red Brick Floor

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In Praise of Traditional Kitchens

How's your Spring?  We had measurable snow this week in Denver and I'm here to say it's not lovely BUT at this point I still prefer it to 90 degree weather this time of year.  I like to ease into the heat of July and August. I've been working on stepping away from the phone… Continue reading In Praise of Traditional Kitchens

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Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Happy last week of January!  I'm writing this on Monday which, to refresh your memory, is the day when forecasters predicted 1-3" of snow in town (No big deal!  Light snowfall! You won't even notice it's there.) and we have a good 7" outside.  To be more helpful, it all came down during the morning commute.… Continue reading Kitchen Design Trends for 2019