Living With Style: The Southern Charm of Julia Reed

It’s been a tough week in our country and I feel beaten down (again) by news. I’m not going to pour out my heart or write anything brilliant today. To paraphrase Sheryl Crow, all I want to do is show you some images that inspired me over the holidays.

Author Julia Reed died in late August last year. She possessed a charming, Southern style; the kind of style that’s not intimidating, the kind of style that is aspirational. I re-visited her homes over the holiday break, read some of the articles she had written, read a few articles written about her and I felt a little bit better about everything. Julia lived with style, surrounded by books, good food, her dog Henry and her friends.

This library/dining room/main space in Julia Reed’s Delta Folly home . (Photo Source)
The other side of the room – love the colors here and, of course, the packed bookshelves. (Photo Source)
This is Julia Reed’s former New Orleans home. It has a different tone, but a similar flavor with the books and layered objects. (Photo Source)
Love this vignette. (Photo Source)
Interior Designer Patrick Dunne’s dining room which I stumbled across in this great article on Julia Reed in Flower Magazine.
Henry, harnessed up and ready at Delta Folly’s back door. (Photo Source)

Before I go, here’s my first book recommendation of 2020 – The Prophets by Robert Jones, Jr. We just had the pleasure of interviewing him on our podcast that’s out now. This is a beautiful, heart-breaking debut novel in footsteps of Toni Morrison. It’s stunning.

“Pride is what leads people onto ships, across seas, into forbidden lands. It is what allows them to desecrate forbidden bodies and stamp them with the names of reckless gods. Pride is at once haunted and unbothered by the disgrace it has built from turning people into nothing.” Robert Jones, Jr. from The Prophets


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