Little Pink Houses: Adding on to a 1930’s Home

It’s more green than I remember seeing in a while in the Denver area. My eyes drink up the color when I’m on my walks like I’ve been living in the desert for a while. Things will turn brown soon enough, but there’s something so healing about coming out of the intense Covid Era and into a lush, green Spring.

The addition to our home is a real house now – not just an awkward shell. I committed to a pink exterior and it looks nice from the front, but in the back the light does something to it and it has an “ice cream parlor on the cape” vibe that I’m not digging. Here’s some shots to show

I took this in early May and the home has a “what are you doing to me” look.
This crane looked like something you would either bungee jump off of or use to build a 10 story building. This was ‘truss day” and I got a thrill out of seeing it.
At this point I realized, Hey! We’re building a wedding chapel!
Windows going into the “Chapel Addition”

Here’s something that I learned the hard way. None of those windows in the room above open. The architect drew all fixed windows and I didn’t notice that detail on the window schedule. The window guy never went over it or gave me drawings and that also goes back to me for not asking him for those. SO – we will have a nice hot box of a living room with only a sliding door for a breeze. It’s my fault for assuming that we would have windows that opened. We have them in the front part of the addition and I made a big mistake in assuming we would in the back! So, if you’re doing this – go over each and every window with your window supplier and insist on line drawings of each window and door for you to sign off on.

At this point in mid-May we became a giant ad for Home Depot.
New siding is up – except for the hall that connects the old home to the new. We’re still waiting on the windows for this area and yes, they do open.
Sylvia soaking in the pink!
I mean, it’s pink.
“The old gal got a mani-pedi!” a friend of mine texted me.

We also have a very bright turquoise porta-potty in the middle of the yard which really doesn’t help the transformation. It’s like I divided the yard using mathematical precision and said, here, place the potty here. So, we’re getting used to our pink home over here. Nothing like a little pink to stir up things a bit.


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