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An Inbalanced Life and an Appreciation of Mundane Moments

Women and men like to talk about a life/work balance. It seems to be something that everyone thinks someone else has figured out. I’m in other people’s homes a lot because of what I do for a living and I will say I’ve never seen or felt this balance in another person’s life and I’m comforted by this. Work and life get tangled up all the time and there may be moments when you feel on top of it all, but it’s offset (ruined) by those unsettling, peace-shattering moments when everyone needs you all at once.

I love this little bedroom nook. The textile combinations are perfect; it reminds me of a Ralph Lauren bedding ad from the early 90’s. Plaid and florals are timeless! (Photo Source).

I read a lot. I have a book podcast and I get to talk to 2 and sometimes 3 authors a week and, as a consequence, I am surrounded by books. I feel like half of my brain is living in alternate book worlds while the other half just thinks and thinks about design whether I want to or not. This is an ideal set up for an introverted nerd like myself, but I’ve noticed that other things in my life have slacked off. I’m not into cooking right now. I used to enjoy cooking, but reading and designing are much more enjoyable to me, so that part of life is on the back burner for now (pun intended). It’s kind of ironic for someone whose bread and butter is thinking about and designing kitchens. I also haven’t binged watched or seen the hot shows like The Crown and Schitt’s Creek, and, I never saw the Tiger King. My clothes are definitely not up to date; given a choice I will spend free hours in an antique mall over a normal shopping mall any day.

I love eclectics interiors. I’ve been looking for a big chandelier for the living room in our addition and one of those would be perfect. I’d need to hit the lottery first though. Thus far, I haven’t seen any on Wayfair that look like that…. (Photo Source)

The photo above is from Chairish’s Instagram. I’m a big fan of their design podcast – The Chairish Podcast hosted by the fabulous Michael Boodro. Some days I’ll start my day listening to a decorating podcast and end my day with a walk listening to, shocker, a decorating podcast. I am NOT well rounded.

A gorgeous vintage style entry. (Photo Source)

Life is mostly mundane moments with chaos thrown in. Which tells me, enjoy those mundane moments! Here’s a Harvard study about how we undervalue the mundane. I started this post sharing my belief that there’s no such thing as a work/life balance and now I think I’m going to end it with a goal to enjoy my daily, mundane life more.

I’m reading a book of poetry called Goldenrod by Maggie Smith and she excels at highlighting normal moments in a way where you think – This is true and profound and it’s just about walking your dog down the sidewalk with your kids on a hot day. I highly recommend it. If you’re looking for a dark thriller – I loved For Your Own Good by Samantha Downing.

The mundane and the sacred are one and the same.” – Alan Watts.

4 thoughts on “An Inbalanced Life and an Appreciation of Mundane Moments”

  1. Your thoughts on the mundane have become a window into your psyche, full of beauty & practicality. Please continue in that rich vein of truth leading to a successful life.

  2. I loved reading this today! As a partner in a design/build firm with my husband, I often struggle for balance. I also wear the hats of: mother of 3 adult children with all their ups and downs, two cats that don’t get along, one handsome Smooth Collie who spends more time on the couch than I do, grandma to 3 kiddos (so far), and a grand kitty that doesn’t get along with her two auntie kitties. Working from a home office is wonderful and horrid, depending on the day. We all need to remember to advice of Francis Palmer: “Being self-employed, I realized early on that I’m not a machine-I have to have a life”.

    1. Yes – being self-employed forces you to learn how to erect boundaries. It’s hard though; some days I have to give myself boundary pep-talks. Your 2 cats that don’t get along sounds like trouble! 🙂

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