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Turning a Craigslist Dresser into a Sink

This end of summer heat we’re experiencing has thrown me a little. Nelson, the lab mix, is shedding like it’s July and every day I sweep up snowdrifts of fur from the places around the house where it likes to settle. I’ve been having fun decorating the new addition in our home but that’s been slow seeing as how it’s still not quite done and, from a financial standpoint, I need to let the dust settle. I’ve been embracing our old furniture and feeling okay about the empty areas. In fact, I kind of like the blank spaces.

Here’s the dresser I bought off of Craiglist to turn into our double vanity.

I decided to turn a vintage dresser into a double vanity for a few reasons: It’s cheaper than a new, built-in vanity, vintage is usually sturdier than a lot of the new stuff out there, it’s cheaper, it’s a little more stylish than your typical vanity and it’s cheaper. You got that?

Here’s the marble tile going in.
I have the gray marble in a polished and the white marble is honed (matte) because I thought it would look cool that way BUT I think the only person who will ever know is me….and now you, but you’ll forget.
We carried her in and set her in place – pulled the drawers out and took a look before cutting the sink holes!
The sink is already being enjoyed.
Here’s Charlie resting comfortably after taking his morning shower with me. Yep. It’s weird, but that’s his latest thing.

We don’t have baseboards up yet and we haven’t caulked/sanded/painted the window trim. I’m also using art and a mirror as a window covering. It works really well and it may be that way (or something similar) for a while. Another kind of important thing that I haven’t decided on yet are mirrors. I’d like to find some antique/vintage mirrors for above the sinks but I haven’t found them yet and I think it will take time.

We (Dave) are putting the fronts to the drawers on this weekend.
Here you go. As unfinished and imperfect as I am.

I know I’m not the only one out there doing the slow decorating thing. When you need to do some DIY to get what you want and you need to shop around to get the prices you want it can take some time. It’s like slow cooking without the delicious meal at the end.

On an unrelated note, my daughter is a sophomore in high school this year and this September feels like a time that I need to soak in every moment and enjoy my time with her. She’ll be driving in less than a year and I think that I’m closing in on the last of that type of parent time. I’ve been mentally preparing for this for years (weird and true) and I’m still surprised by how much it’s affecting me. I guess just because you know and accept something will happen doesn’t make it any less hard. For some reason, I forgot that fact of life.

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