Current Sensibility

Current Sensibility: Prairie Meadows & Patterns

It is spring here in the Colorado Rockies and we’ve yet to have a big spring snowstorm but I’m sure it’s in the works. I’ve been worrying over our front yard which is a giant slab of dirt with a little bit of sticky straw holding on to it for effect. Last fall, I scattered seeds from Western Native Seed in an attempt to grow a native prairie meadow. Right after I scattered the seeds, we had an incredibly windy and dry November and I don’t feel confident that the seeds haven’t all been dumped two yards down from us….so, we’re watering now, staring at the dirt and I ordered another round of seeds to plant after the last cold snap. I’ve had numerous people tell me it will look like a patch of weeds on the side of the road which might be the case, but I need to just work through it for 3 years in an effort to try to go lawnless.

The world is falling apart around us again this year and I just finished Emily St. John Mandel’s new book, Sea of Tranquility, where a character theorizes that the world is always just about to end without ever ending. That seems about right, doesn’t it?

Here are a few interiors that have caught my eye recently – some old, some new:

Beautiful old home with lovely wallpaper and I really like the antique chandelier hung in the kitchen. (Photo Source)
Love the bright rug and the mix of materials and patterns. (Photo Source)
Another image from the same beautiful cottage in the Pacific Northwest. (Photo Source)
I love this old piece of furniture in the kitchen. I’d love to incorporate more antique and vintage pieces in the kitchen. (Source Unknown)
This is a hotel, but the idea translates easily to a living room. Love the texture of the brick with the cream and the plants. (Photo Source)
This is a 17th century cart shed converted to a home – calm and beautiful! (Photo Source)
I’ve long been obsessed with restauranteur’s Keith McNally’s homes – his Notting Hill home is one of my favorites that I come back to again and again. (Photo Source)
Ken Fulk is one of my all time favorites and this image is from an upcoming (May 2022) book of his that I’m really excited about – “The Movie in My Mind” (Photo Source)

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

Oscar Wilde

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