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Images to Stave Off Thoughts of the End of the World

It’s the driest Spring on record in the Denver area and we’ve been having these incredibly dangerous windstorms. It seems like every other day the National Weather Service is telling me there’s a Fire Weather Advisory for my locale. Fire Weather.

I’m a big fan of climate fiction and I just started a booked called Greenwood, partially set in a future where most of the world is uninhabitable because of dust storms, and I had to set the book aside. It felt too real and too present. I’m struggling a little right now with thoughts about the future because our present seems so fragile right now. My mind is jumbled up with war, climate, politics and mental and physical health. I jump ahead of myself in time. I think it’s a hazard of being human and also related to what I do for a living. As a designer, it’s all about planning and thinking about things months in advance and I’m always looking ahead in the calendar. I think I’ve trained my brain to live ahead of me as well. And the me, that’s ahead of the real me, is letting me know there’s trouble ahead.

Here are a few favorite, current images that I’ve saved on Instagram – because why obsess over the world ending when you can stare at pretty things online? Not really, but I hope they bring you some inspiration or, at the least, they take your mind off what troubles you for a moment.

This is from Mr. Ken Fulk – it’s his newest restaurant/food venture and it’s called Little Saint Healdsburg. I love the green and peach tones with the hints of red. Check out this place also – I think it’s a great idea and I think it gets at something else that’s on my mind: community.
Veranda magazine has re-branded themselves and I’ve heard the latest issue is like getting the Fall Vogue back in 1990 and if you lived through that era, you know exactly what I mean. Summer Thornton as the cover and it is GLORIOUS.
Jean Stoffer‘s laundry room just proves that yes, she’s the man. Love her!
These peachy tones are where it’s at for me right now! That marble with the marble sinks! The brass and black are so good, but it’s the peach walls and ceiling that are drawing me in right now. (Photo Source)
I found this landscape designer on the gram recently (Io Land Arch); her xeriscape landscapes are perfect. I also really like big bowls and urns like this in the garden. I’d like to get one for my garden. If nothing else, I can look at it collect dust when the dust storms start raging.
Besides peach, I also brake for mustard. (Photo Source)
I love the patterns here and I’m a sucker for daisies. People who mix patterns like this become immediate favorites of mine. This is from Carolina Irving who I off and on stalk on Instagram.

Did this take your mind off future dust storms or whatever bothers you in the quiet moments? As a designer, I’m working on encouraging my clients to buy more vintage, more local and to re-use and re-purpose what they have. Almost all new furniture starts to depreciate as soon as you get it home. Personally, I’ve taken it as a challenge and have filled my home with almost 100% vintage, antique and used furniture and art.

Take heart, she seems to say. The world has been on the brink of ending before. The dust has always been waiting to swallow us. People have always struggled and suffered. Your poverty is not shameful. It is not a failure of your character. Life, by its very nature, is precarious. And your struggles are never for nothing.” 
― Michael Christie, Greenwood


3 thoughts on “Images to Stave Off Thoughts of the End of the World”

  1. yes, yes and yes. Our country and the world is scary and disheartening. It is 2022, not 1960 and I feel angry all the time. But I appreciate distractions and looking at pretty things too. It doesn’t mean we don’t care. Loved the mustard cabinets!

    1. You’re right – it is not 1960. When we go backwards like that it’s really disheartening. But, social change does come with three steps forward and sometimes two steps back….that’s the hope I hold onto…but it’s incredibly sad for young people in particular.

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