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Essentialism and Alligators

I scheduled this post to publish last Wednesday but, clearly, it was sitting in my drafts when I got back from vacation.  I am holding onto some of the residual vacation vibe as of 11:18 on Monday and I'm hoping to keep it for a few days more. We went to a magical part of… Continue reading Essentialism and Alligators

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Kitchen Sinks and Romantic Comedies

I love a high back, vintage-style farmhouse sink.  If I could figure out a way to put one into my kitchen (that didn't involve moving the sink to another wall) I would install one before you could ask "How practical are they really?" There are a number of these vintage sinks for sale online.  … Continue reading Kitchen Sinks and Romantic Comedies

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Indecision and Anxiety: This Old House Part 3

This is what I learned about making decisions for your own home:  nothing. My last blog post on my kitchen was a little over two weeks ago and in that time decisions were made but indecision and anxiety have sidled into my life like long lost friends. I lost sleep the other night over faucets.  … Continue reading Indecision and Anxiety: This Old House Part 3

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The Last Christmas Cookie: A Reflection on Perfection and Being a Woman

Hi everyone - this time of year is a little stressful, isn't it?  I've been thinking about the "pressure" I feel and realizing that most of this holiday stress is self-imposed.  Why do I feel the need to match what I think everyone else is doing?  Why would I assume that my family expects baked… Continue reading The Last Christmas Cookie: A Reflection on Perfection and Being a Woman

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Craving Comfortable Interiors

How have you been?  I've been incredibly busy the past 4 weeks and I'm pretty sure this blog is reflecting it!  Does it annoy you when other people go on about how busy they are?  It kind of does me, so pretend I didn't just say that to you.  I'm trying to slow things down… Continue reading Craving Comfortable Interiors