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Spring Can’t Get Here Soon Enough: Decorating with Color

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me and mine. My daughter’s school was swatted last week and even though she knew it was most likely a hoax, she felt terrific fear and sadness while hiding in a small practice room in the dark in the school’s band room. My husband’s school had a 16 year old shot in front of it a few weeks ago and we just heard that he passed away today. My parents had a fugitive with a gun hide in their neighborhood this past month and he ended up killing a police dog. These are violent or terror-filled things that relate to just one American family. I can’t imagine the toll this takes on all of us collectively. I hate to say it, but I don’t see an end in sight.

On that note, who wants to talk decorating with me??

I’m so glad that color is back in style. It’s hard to convince people to go for color (other than blue, people still love blue) but I think that it might start getting easier now that maximalism is back in vogue. I am someone who has never met a blank wall I couldn’t fill so this look is not a stretch for me. I am also someone who, in order to sell their home, would have to take out 50% of their belongs in an attempt to appear normal and even then, buyers would be able to sniff out the eccentric.

How fun is this? This site has a lot of other fun papers to choose from so you can paper your fridge. I’m a sucker for anything with lemons on it and am half considering this. (Photo Source)
Stunning use of color and pattern from the magical Mr. Fulk (Photo Source)
I love this green cabinetry – it’s also beautifully done. (Photo Source)
An almost Tiffany-box blue Butler’s pantry from vintage Mark Sikes. (Photo Source)
If you like color and print, check out this designer’s portfolio – this is one of my favorite rooms of hers. I love that yellow green. (Photo Source)
Look at this beautiful galley kitchen! Dark, moody and gorgeous. (Photo Source)
I really like this image (Photo Source)
I love this image too and yes, he wears sunglasses during the entire photo shoot. (Photo Source)
I love a white house and I really like a white house with some extra color – look at these mustard shutters! My head is swiveling for anything yellow right now. (Photo Source)

“If our religions aren’t about the business of achieving justice in our time, in this world, for everyone, what are they doing?” 
― R. Eric Thomas, Here for It; Or, How to Save Your Soul in America: Essays

4 thoughts on “Spring Can’t Get Here Soon Enough: Decorating with Color”

  1. Hello Laura, come live in Australia where we don’t have those sorts of crimes! Please bring that fabulous Mark Sikes’ butler’s pantry with you. Seriously though I find it sad that you need to be ever on your guard. Take care.

    1. What a dream! I’d love to go there. At least once a week right now we are impacted emotionally by the threat of violence in our community AND we live in a “safe” state! Good to hear from you and sorry I’m a downer this week….

  2. I am sincerely saddened by your sweet girl’s experience at her school and simultaneously your family also being threatened with gun violence. I’m not sure there are any “safe” states anymore and I surely don’t see an end in sight either… especially when the representative from CO, Lauren Boebert ignorantly saying things like “Jesus wouldn’t have been crucified if he had an AR-15” and wearing AR-15 lapel pins. On a lighter note I love the soft sage green cabinets too! Dreaming of my next kitchen with some sage green and white oak cabinets and a stove and refrigerator that isn’t stainless. Take good care!

    1. I like to forget about Boebert – but you’re right. What a terrible thing to say – I hadn’t heard that one yet. She’s just lovely, isn’t she?
      What a pretty kitchen idea – love the color combination!

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