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Vintage Style Bathrooms: My obsession continues

I have tremendous Spring Fever over here on Cedar Street. Last year was my first year of attempting a Prairie Garden in the front yard and it was semi-successful? The question mark is there because we only got one letter from the city requesting that we clear it and that was at the end of the growing season. The successful adjective is there because we immediately had what seemed like thousands of native bees humming happily at the native flowers that came up. We never had that with the grass lawn and I wonder where they even came from. It was cool to see and it made me feel like a champion. It was as if I personally had corralled the bees into our yard.

For great inspiration on how to convert your lawn to a “prairie” head to Monarch Gardens. The owner also has a new book out which is really helpful.

This year, I’m excited to get back at that front garden again. I had tremendous success with the Rocky Mountain Bee Plant (a cleome) that’s native to the area. I bought more of that seed along with a few others to fill in the gaps. I’m only planting things I’ve had success with and things that are native to our part of the world. Gardening in the Mountain West is not easy. We have tremendous temperature extremes, winds, hail and drought. If something thrives with a minimum of effort on my part – I’m repeating it!

I love a good vintage or vintage-style bathroom. I’ll leave you to your temperature controlled jets and steam shower that’s controlled by your phone. I’ll be over here fussing with the hot water taps and wondering why the floor is so cold. Here are a few that have been catching my eye recently.

Fun pops of color with easy traditional plumbing pieces. (Photo Source)
All the right details! Beautiful console sink sitting on gorgeous marble – New vintage style by Ham Interiors. (Photo Source)
Beautiful vintage sink with simple tile. (Photo Source)
Isn’t this gorgeous? New vintage style by Roman and Williams for Hotel Emma in San Antonio. (Photo Source)
The proportions are so lovely here! New vintage style by Joanna Gaines. (Photo Source)
British vintage style by Ensemblier in London. (Photo Source)
New Florida vintage style which floats my old Florida loving boat. (Photo Source)
Cute retro bathroom with an arch and a sink skirt. Sink skirts are really in right now. I think they’re a good solution for a problem space but I picture them getting really dirty! (Photo Source)

If you suddenly and unexpectedly feel joy, don’t hesitate. Give in to it.”

Mary Oliver

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