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Kitchen Trends 2019: Dark and Moody Vibes

This is a busy time of year for my business - things typically are a little slow after Christmas into February and then they pick up just in time for warmer weather.  Unlike other years, I've had quite a few clients booked well in advance for starting this spring and summer, which is great. I've… Continue reading Kitchen Trends 2019: Dark and Moody Vibes

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Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Happy last week of January!  I'm writing this on Monday which, to refresh your memory, is the day when forecasters predicted 1-3" of snow in town (No big deal!  Light snowfall! You won't even notice it's there.) and we have a good 7" outside.  To be more helpful, it all came down during the morning commute.… Continue reading Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

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Denver Kitchens: A Year in Review (Part 1)

Happy New Year!  I'm writing this on a bitterly cold (but sunny) new day in 2019.  I am a reflective person, but I'm not much of a backwards looking person and I think there is a difference.  One of my many self-preservation skills is a lack of desire to dwell on the past.  I think… Continue reading Denver Kitchens: A Year in Review (Part 1)