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Kitchen Trends 2019: Dark and Moody Vibes

This is a busy time of year for my business – things typically are a little slow after Christmas into February and then they pick up just in time for warmer weather.  Unlike other years, I’ve had quite a few clients booked well in advance for starting this spring and summer, which is great. I’ve also had a flurry of “Can-you-help-me-right-this-very-moment-with-my-kitchen-renovation??” emails and phone calls as well.  I feel bad that I’m not able to jump in and help right away.  In fact, not only do I feel bad that I can’t jump to their aid, I’ve been allowing guilt to creep in.  I can take a wonderful situation (busy!) and turn it into something to feel guilt and stress over.  The human capacity for creating anxiety out of something good is amazing to me.

This year seems to be the year of the dark kitchen for my business!  I had a flurry of all white kitchens last year and, as things go, this year is starting out to be dark and interesting.  Let’s take a look at some darker kitchens to inspire you to break out from the pack of white kitchens.  We’re thinking moody and handsome.  Put some John Coltrane on, rent an old Michelle Pfeiffer movie and dim those lights!

dark gray cabinets and walls
I LOVE this kitchen. I keep coming back to it. I used those tiles in an entry way last year – they’re from Arto and they have fantastic stuff at a fairly good price point! (Photo Source)
dark kitchen white marble
Love this little bar area – so many styling possibilities! (Photo Source)
soapstone sink dark kitchen
Here’s one of my own recently finished projects that I’m putting in for a sneak preview! Check out that soapstone sink! (Photo by Sara Yoder, Interior Styling by Kristy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors).
walk in pantry dark cabinets
I keep reading that walk-in pantry’s are back in style – but I never knew they left! If you have the space for one, by all means deck it out! Love this one by the King, Steven Gambrel. (Photo Source)
dark gray walls kitchen
This is a lovely vignette. The soft pink flowers sing against the dark gray. (Photo Source)
dark gray kitchen
No uppers, beautiful beams, a stunning hood and an incredible island – what a space! (Photo source)
two toned dark kitchen
An unusual two-toned kitchen with the darker color on top – I like it! Cool hardware too…(Photo Source)
dark moody kitchen with beams
It takes commitment to go this dark. Commitment and no fear.  To me, this looks like a kitchen that will see a lot of cocktail and dinner parties.  (Photo Source)
lavender kitchen
I love how this gray looks a little lavender – delicious and unusual! (Photo Source)

What do you think?  Is this a real kitchen trend or just a few reactions to years of all white kitchens?  Or, are you just tired of hearing about kitchen trends in general?  I know I can get really tired of hearing about the death of the subway tile.  I also see so many different kitchens that I know that one person’s all-white beauty is another person’s all-white nightmare.  Make your kitchen your own and gather your inspiration from things that bring you joy.

“I swear she’s destined for the screen / closest thing to Michelle Pfeiffer that you’ve ever seen”
Vance Joy, Riptide




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