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In Praise of Traditional Kitchens

How’s your Spring?  We had measurable snow this week in Denver and I’m here to say it’s not lovely BUT at this point I still prefer it to 90 degree weather this time of year.  I like to ease into the heat of July and August.

I’ve been working on stepping away from the phone after and before my “work hours.”  When I say “working on it”, I mean that I’m struggling.  As a small business owner, it is a tough thing for me to do.  I feel the need to be there for clients well into the evening but, and I realized this this week) it has turned into an every waking hour interaction with a client.  Don’t get me wrong, the clients aren’t at fault here – this is all on me.  I’ve been checking my email before I go to bed, checking my email when I wake up in addition to receiving text messages from clients at all hours of the day and night.  Why would a person do this to themself?  Pure habit.  It might also be from a strange need to feel important – I just had that idea and I think there’s some validity to it.   I’m trying to break the habit but it’s more difficult than one would think.  What do you guys do to help manage this?  I’m accepting any and all tips and am open to tricking myself!

Traditional Kitchens

I love a traditional kitchen.  I think a British traditional kitchen is one of the loveliest things in the world.  I’ve been reading a culinary, British mystery novel (The Castle Mystery by Faith Martin) and the descriptions of the kitchen with the large, worn table at the very center and the hanging copper pots with whitewashed walls warm my design heart.   I just discovered the work of G.P. Shafer Architects and thought I would share their kitchens with you – they are American and they are gorgeous and I cannot get enough of them.

pot rack traditional kitchen
The pot rack looks functional rather than overly decorative and I love the details on the cabinets. Beautiful space. (Photo Source)

The details in traditional kitchens are abundant.  I love the dark corner straps on the doors, the antiqued ceiling, the glass cupboard that comes all the way down to the beautiful counter and the blue paneling inside the cabinet.

cream kitchen
A creamy yellow kitchen?!? I know. I didn’t know I loved creamy yellow cabinets until I saw this kitchen. I think the black soapstone countertops make it work. It doesn’t hurt to have high ceilings and impeccable cabinetry as well. (Photo Source)
traditional pantry
I mean – how lovely is this?? Are you feeling the traditional kitchen love? This looks like a Butler’s pantry to me – or at least a secondary sink area.  I, of course, would take this as my main kitchen in a heartbeat.  (Photo Source)
timeless traditional kitchen
That hood with those ceilings!! White inset cabinets all the way up to the ceiling, more soapstone and beautiful old wood ceilings – what a timeless beauty! (Photo Source)
pot rack and metal hood
Another simple, useful pot rack – love it! More cabinet door straps, a dramatic metal hood and white cabinetry all the way up to an interesting ceiling. A recipe for beauty! (Photo Source)
moss green kitchen cabinets
The color of these cabinets is like Spring, soft and green. I love the bookshelf in the back. There’s a lot to love about this space. Note the antique chandelier in the foreground isn’t electrified. This must be a beautiful setting in candlelight. (Photo Source)
kitchen table instead of an island
Here’s the big trend right now – a kitchen table in place of an island! It goes back to traditional kitchens like this. The green blinds here are a stroke of genius. (Photo Source)

I saved my favorite of G.P. Schafer’s kitchens for the last – there’s more gorgeous stuff on their website – check it out and let me know what you think!

peach kitchen cabinets
This is my jam. Lower ceilings which have a cosy, cottage vibe, the warm color, the old fashioned corbels under the cabinets – it’s perfect.  I wish I’d had the guts to go this color route in my kitchen!   Of course, I also wish I had the funds for that stove, those countertops and those cabinets…The other thing about traditional kitchens is that they are not cheap!  (Photo Source)

“The walls had recently been whitewashed, and huge ovens proliferated.  Real copper pots and pans hung from wooden pegs…There were several easy chairs scattered about, and in the centre of the room a vast, spotlessly clean wooden table dominated its surroundings.”  The Castle Mystery by Faith Martin.



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  1. Happens to all new business owners. And until your company is up on its feet, its kind of important too. But understand the urgency of matters. Some business are time specific, like if you’re renting out cars with full road side assistance, the you are supposed to be once all 24/7. Whereas some jobs are not, and in those cases set yourself a working hour and stick to it. Best way to do this is don’t keep your mail logged on outside of working hours. This will reduce the time you check your mail. And as far as messages goes, there’s only one way. Switch off your data and keep your phone far away. If it’s anything of emergency, whoever it is will call. Hopefully.

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